Dave Banks Living in Perth, with my cat Kato, I work as a Senior Solaris Systems Administrator and Storage Area Network Engineer. Before becoming a Solaris Systems Administrator, I worked as a Software Engineer and still use these skills to develop my websites.

It was through work that I got introduced to hill walking, as several of my colleagues are keen hill walkers. I have been interested in photography from an early age, and combining this with hill walking got me started in landscape photography. This was the reason for setting up my first website.

I don't do as much hillwalking now, preferring to do mountain biking instead. I have combined GPS tagged photos with Google Maps to document some of the more adventurous routes I have done, which was the reason for this website.

Not all my photography is landscape work, so this site will allow me to exhibit photos that aren't appropriate for my other website and to try out new ideas, so watch this space.

London Calling - BBC Bias

London Calling - BBC Bias

Read the book - How BBC bias stole the Scottish Referendum

London Calling - BBC Bias

Watch the documentry based on the book London Calling

Prof John Robertson's book on BBC bias during the Scottish Referendum

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